ANJ conversion (FAQ)

1. What is the minimum number of $ANJ I need to participate in the 0.044 conversion?


2. What date will the lock-up period end?

The 5th of October, 2021.

3. When will the contracts for the conversion be available?

These are currently being worked on and will be available by July 2021.

4. If I have not staked my $ANJ, do I still get the lockup period price?

When you convert your $ANJ, the resulting $ANT is automatically staked into Aragon Court v2 and locked until the 5th of October. If you have $ANJ staked in the Aragon Court v1, you will first need to unstake it and send it to your wallet before you can do the conversion.

5. Will I get the 0.044 conversion if I convert after September 5th?

No, to get the 0.044 staked price you will need to have staked your $ANJ before 23:59 on September the 4th (UTC).

6. How much will it cost to be a Guardian in Aragon Court with $ANT?

You will have to stake 100 $ANT to become an Aragon Court Guardian.

7. When will Aragon Court be released? 

Aragon Court is expected to be released in July 2021.

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