Explore template DAO

In the previous article you have created a new DAO from Company template. Now, let us explore it. 

2.2.1 Home page

The Home page welcomes you to your organization and offers you several options for different actions you can take. You can also use the menu on the left-hand side of the screen to view the different apps that are currently installed for your organization. This organization currently has the Token Manager, Voting, Finance, and Agent apps installed, plus default Permissions, App Center, and Organization "System" apps.

2.2.2 Tokens app

Use the Tokens app to mint new tokens and assign them to yourself or other entities. Tokens minted by the Tokens app confer voting abilities to holders of the tokens such that one token equals one vote. Tokens in a Company organization are transferable, and there is no inherent limit to the number of tokens that can be minted and held by any tokenholder.

There are many reasons an organization might mint tokens for entities. Here are a few examples:

  • The organization commits to giving its workers a stake in the company e.g. half of the company tokens are held by workers and the other half by investors 
  • The organization mints tokens to entities proportional to the amount of funds they have invested in the company
  • The organization mints a specific amount of tokens for an entity in exchange for a specific good or service 
  • The organization mints a fixed amount of tokens per month and distributes them proportionally to everyone who has contributed value to the organization that month

You can mint new tokens by following these steps: Click “Add Tokens” button

Enter the address of the recipient of the tokens and the number of new tokens you want to mint and assign to that address, then click “Add Tokens”. Create vote to assign tokens

Even though you are the only tokenholder at this point, the Company organization still requires a tokenholder vote for every action. Click “Create transaction” to create the transaction that creates a new vote to assign the new token you want to mint. Sign the transaction in your Ethereum provider, wait for a confirmation, then move on to the next step. Vote "Yes" to approve the “Assign Tokens” vote

Go to the Voting app, click on the "Mint tokens" proposal you just created, and vote "Yes" to approve minting and assigning the token. Check out the newest member of your organization

Your organization just went from one to two members. A good start to a new Company organization!

Note: If a vote is cast that causes the Approval % to be equal to or greater than the Support required (e.g. 60% required Support with current 65% Approval), then the proposition will be completed automatically. If the Approval % is less than the Support required (e.g. 60% required Support with current 40% Approval) then additional "no" votes could still stop the proposition from being passed. Thus the proposition will remain open until either the duration is reached or the  Approval % is equal to or greater than the Support requirement. 

2.2.3 Voting app

The Voting app makes it easy for you to poll your fellow tokenholders about their position on an infinite range of topics. Votes initiated by other Aragon apps also show up in the Voting app. For example, assigning tokens using the Token Manager or moving funds from the Finance app are each actions that require a vote by tokenholders in a Company organization. Follow these steps to create a new vote and poll your organization about a topic you care about: Click “New Vote”

Fill out the question you want to poll your organization about and click “Create new vote”. Sign transaction to create new vote

Click the “Create transaction” button, then open your Ethereum provider to sign and send the transaction. Vote on the proposal, then ask the other tokenholders to review and vote on the proposal

Vote on the proposal you just created. Then rally your fellow tokenholders outside the app - for example, by email, forum, chat room, or good old fashioned face-to-face - and ask them to review and vote on the proposal too. Tokenholders can also visit the Voting app to see the list of open votes and cast their ballot accordingly. Other tokenholders cast their vote

In this case, the other tokenholder in the organization supports the proposal and votes "Yes". Review the vote

Since there are only two tokenholders in this organization, and the Support parameter is set to 50%, the unanimous vote on the proposal has resulted in the proposal being passed.

2.2.4 Organization setting

The Organization app is where you can find organization-specific information and settings, such as the internal addresses for your organization. When using a testnet you also have the ability to request test tokens, which will be sent to the organization’s Vault app.

2.2.5 Finance app

The Finance app is the app that provides tokenholders with access to the funds held by their organization. The Finance app shows the current balance in ETH and tokens as well as the transaction history of the organization. You can also use the Finance app to initiate a new transfer of funds.

Follow these steps to create a new transfer from the Finance app: Send ETH or tokens to your organization

On mainnet

Go to the Finance app and click the “New Transfer” button. On the “Deposit” tab, enter the token you want to deposit, the amount, and an optional reference note. Click “Submit deposit” to complete the transfer. About a minute or so after your transaction is confirmed, the funds will appear in the Finance app of your organization. You can then create a new transfer to withdraw these funds to another address.

On testnet

Go to the Organizations app and press the “Request test tokens” button. Open your Ethereum provider to sign and send the transaction. About a minute or so after your transaction is confirmed, test tokens will be available in the Finance app of your organization. You can then create a new transfer to send these tokens to another address. Tokens can also be sent to your testnet organization using the "Deposit" method mentioned in the "On mainnet" section above. Click “New Transfer” to initiate a new transfer from the Finance app

Go to the "Withdrawal" tab then enter the address of the recipient and the amount of tokens to send them, along with an optional reference note about what the transfer is for. Then click “Submit withdrawal”. Sign the transaction to create the New Transfer vote

As mentioned before, all actions in the Company organization require a vote by tokenholders. Click “Create transaction” then open your Ethereum provider to sign and send the transaction that creates the New Transfer vote. Vote on the transfer

The transfer has to be approved by tokenholders. Cast a "Yes" vote to approve the transfer and have the other tokenholders in the organization vote as well. The vote transaction is signed and sent to approve the transfer

After confirmation, the transfer will execute. Review the transfer in the Finance app

Go back to the Finance app to see a record of the transfer and a link to the transaction record on the blockchain.

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