Aragon Court Troubleshooting

You can find in the following section a list of common problems and the most likely solutions to solve them. Support is also available on Discord, Spectrum, and

1. I can't see my ANJ in the Dashboard

Please try the following steps:

  1. Make sure that your account is connected to the Dashboard.
  2. If you own multiple accounts, make sure that the right account is selected.
  3. Make sure that you are connected to the Ethereum mainnet network.
  4. Refresh your browser's page.

2. I activated ANJ but I can't see my probability of being drafted

When ANJ are activated, you must wait until the current term is over for them to increase your probability of being drafted. You can see the current term and its remaining duration at the top of the Dashboard.

3. I tried to convert between ANT and ANJ using and my transaction never finished

There are several reasons that a conversion might fail to complete when using, for example a network connection issue or the transaction ID of the order changing (this can happen if you try to speed up the transaction). Don't worry, your tokens are not lost!

To claim your order, first go to Click "Connect account" in the top corner and it will show that your account is connected.

If you have any orders pending they will show up on the page. There will be a button next to each pending order that says "Claim order". Click the "Claim order" button, then sign the transaction that pops up in your Web3 signer to complete your conversion. Once you have claimed your order, it will be removed from the pending orders page.

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