Organization creation taking a long time to confirm

If your organization is taking too long to launch, it may be due to an insufficient gas price. Your Ethereum provider should pre-fill the correct gas limit and gas price, but sometimes it will pre-fill the amounts too low. Below are the recommended actions you can take to evaluate whether this is the case:

  • Make sure you're paying a reasonable gas price. Think of gas as a budget for the miner to process your transaction.
  • You may also want to increase the gas limit, which will allow more transactions per second to be processed by the Ethereum blockchain. Learn more about gas limits here.
  • If you're using MetaMask as your Ethereum provider, read here on how you can adjust gas price and gas limits for your transactions.

If these actions aren't helpful, your organization launch may be slow due to different reasons. For more information, review the general troubleshooting tips.

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