Token App

The Tokens app is used to manage membership and voting power in an organization. To add members to an organization, it’s as easy as minting and assigning a token to them.

On the Company template, one token equals one vote, members can hold as many tokens as are assigned to them, and tokens are transferable. With the Membership template, one token also equals one vote, but members cannot hold more than one token each and tokens are non-transferable. Regarding the Reputation template, one token equals one vote, and members can hold as many tokens as are assigned to them, but the tokens are non-transferable.

This simple process for managing membership and voting power provides the foundation for governing the resources of an organization using Aragon.


In the Holder section of the Tokens app, you can see the current list of token holders and the balance of organization tokens they each hold. Clicking on the dropdown menu on one of the rows in the list will provide you options for assigning more tokens to that token holder or removing tokens from the token holder.

Token Info

In the Token Info section you can see information about the token that is used for governance in your organization:

  • Token supply: how many tokens have been minted in total
  • Transferable: whether or not the token can be transferred to another entity after it has been assigned
  • Token: the token name and token symbol

Ownership Distribution

In the Ownership Distribution section, you can see which entities own what percent of the organization’s token supply. This can be helpful as a spot check to see how token ownership is concentrated in the organization.

Add Tokens

If you click the Add Tokens button, a panel will open up with text fields for entering the address of the entity you want to assign tokens to and how many tokens you want to assign. After you enter this information, you can click the “Add tokens” button in the panel to finish completing the action.

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