The Home page is a simple landing page that shows you the name of the organization you have loaded, as well as different actions that you can take using the pre-installed apps in your organization. For example, in the organization bella.aragonid.eth we can perform the actions Assign Tokens, Vote, Check Finance, and New Payment.

In the menu on the left side of the screen, there are several features that you may find useful. Note that many of these features take advantage of the "local storage" in your browser, so if you clear your browser data then you may lose this data unless you make a backup. Network connection indicator

The network connection indicator will tell you if the Aragon client you are using is connected to the Ethereum network or not. If the Ethereum node your Aragon client is connected to is having any issues then the light will turn red and indicate that the connection has failed. If the Ethereum node your Aragon client is connected to is working properly, then the light will turn green and indicate that the client is successfully connected to the Ethereum network. Enable account

To use the Aragon client, you must first allow Aragon to access your Ethereum account. This will allow the Aragon client to send transactions to your Ethereum account for signing and to read information about your Ethereum account, such as the address and token balances. Click "Enable account" and approve access request in your Ethereum provider to complete the process. Favorite organizations

You can click on the organization name at the top of the screen and click the "star" icon next to it to add the organization to your favorites. Then even if you go to another organization, you can click on the organization name and see your list of favorites that you can easily navigate to. Address label

Click any Ethereum address to give it a label. Address labels are stored locally and can be exported for safe-keeping and sharing in the Preferences section (see below). Preferences

Click the Preferences button at the bottom of the menu to manage your local preferences. At this time, this page is only used to manage your address labels. You can import and export backups of the label file from here, as well as remove all of the labels you currently have set. System apps

Click on the System text in the sidebar to reveal the System apps that come with every Aragon organization template by default.

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