Create a Multisig organization

2.3.1 Navigate to in your web browser

Select which network you want to use to create your organization then click "Create a new organization".

2.3.2 Select “Token project with Multisig” then click “Next”

A “Token project with Multisig” is an organization where the resources of the organization are controlled by m-of-n members of a "multi-signature" or "multisig" contract, where n is 100% of tokenholders and m is the Min. Quorum percentage of tokenholders that must approve a vote for it to pass. For example, in a 2-of-2 Multisig organization, two signatures from two different specified accounts are required for a proposal to pass.

If more tokens are minted for additional accounts, then the number of signatures required may increase as well to maintain the required Min. Quorum. For example, starting with a 2-of-3 multisig (66% Min. Quorum) and issuing one token to a new account will make the organization a 3-of-4 multisig, issuing one more token to yet another new account will make the organization a 4-of-5 multisig, and so on.

Tokenholders in a Multisig organization can only hold one organization token at a time, and organization tokens are non-transferable.

2.3.3 Claim a domain name then click “Next”

Aragon uses the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to assign names to organizations.

Note: The organization's ENS name currently cannot be changed.

2.3.4 Enter the accounts and the parameters of the multisig contract

First enter the addresses of the accounts that you want to be members of the multisig. Then set the number of signatures out of those accounts that will be required to approve votes in the multisig. For example, you can enter three accounts and require any two of their signatures to approve a vote (“2-of-3”). Up to six signers can be added during the organization creation process. If you need additional signers, you can add them after the organization is created by assigning a token to each of the accounts you want to join the organization.

2.3.5 Choose token name and symbol then click “Next”

Note: The token name and symbol currently cannot be changed.

2.3.6 Sign organization creation transactions

Now you need to sign two transactions to create your organization. Open your Ethereum provider if the window does not open automatically. After the first transaction is confirmed, the second transaction may show up as a transaction with an “unapproved” label, indicating that it needs to be signed. Click the transaction to open and sign it.

Be careful not to close your browser window while creating your organization. 

If your browser window closes after signing the first transaction to create the organization but before the second transaction appears, then it will be difficult to pick up where you left off after you re-open your browser window. We are working on making it easier to recover from browser closures (due to a crash or otherwise) during the organization creation process in general. Please be advised that ETH used to pay gas for the first organization creation transaction will be "stuck" until we implement an easy way to recover and send the second and final organization creation transaction.

2.3.7 Click “Get Started”

Your new Multisig organization is ready to go!

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